Farewell gathering for Tn. Sayed Abd Rahman & Pn. Zaliha Kassim

Tn. Sayed Abd Rahman, was the Vice Consul of the Immigration Office whilst his beloved spouse, Pn. Zaliha was the former Secretary for the PERWAKILAN Chennai, she was also known for her delicious delicacies.  

The couple apart from being a supportive friend, had always participated on all events and gatherings held.  The family had gone back to Malaysia for good last 28 May 2009 and was dearly miss by the rest.

In reconizing their contributions and efforts for the past 2 1/2 years, a gathering was held by the Home Base Staff (HBS) and PERWAKILAN members on 16 May 2009, at HUMA Garden, ECR road.  Apart from the memorable gift presentation, the couple was also asked to cut a cake.

The venue was so spacious and beautiful, equipped with an adult and a kiddie pool which had suceeded in attracting the kids since they first step in.  

PERWAKILAN members wished Pn. Zaliha and her family all the best in their future and to cherished all the good memories.

 Gift presentation from En. Anuar Kasman, the Consulate GeneralGift presentation by Pn. Maryani, chairman of PERWAKILAN Chennai.Speech by Tn. Sayed Abd Rahman.Speech by Pn. Zaliha.Cake cutting ceremony.PERWAKILAN with Pn. Zaliha.The men's discussion.Kids in the pool.Our family.







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