Diwali Celebration in Chennai

The festival of lights in Chennai was celebrated recently in full spirit and colours. The series of open houses hosted by the HBS and PERWAKILAN members had suceeded in filling up everyone tummies for two consecutive days.

The first Diwali open house was hosted by Madam Krishnaleela and Mejar Maniam at their residence in Harrington Road on 11 October 2009, the function was held early as the couple will be going for a family holiday during the Diwali festival.  

The second Diwali open house was hosted by Encik Makhan Singh and Madam Linda on the afternoon of the Diwali day itself. Guests amounting to 60 pax was served with mutton biryani, fried meehoon, roti jala and few other savouries.

The third Diwali open house was held at the residence of Pn.Thanaletchimy & Mr Naidu’s in Bishopd Garden, RA Puram. The function began around 7 pm. Guests was served with mutton biryani, prawn sambal, fried meehoon and lots of other food. The kids were thrilled with the fire cracker show organized by the neighbouring function held on the same night.

The final Diwali open house was on the evening of 18 October 2009, at the residence of Madam Manonmani & Mr. Sekaran in Venus Colony, Alwarpet. Guest was served with home made chicken Biryani, Pepper mutton, Ayam masak merah and few  home made sweets and maruku.

We wish to thank all the host for the delicious Diwali open house. Our tummies was totally full for the two days. Thank you, once again.


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