Citizenship Award October 2009 -Adik Kushvanaikkiri Sekaran.

Heartiest congratulation to adik Kushvanaikkiri Sekaran from the 7th grade of the American International School, Chennai (AISCH).  The eldest of Pn. Manonmani Sekaran had been chosen as one of the recipients for the first ever Citizenship Awards. The award was given to students with the following criteria of a “Good Citizen”:

1. To do something to help others,

2. To have a positive attitude-always smiling, in good mood, make others happy to be around you.

3. Well behave and following the rules.

4. Trying your best and encouraging other people to do their best.

5. Being a good friend to ALL people.

We hope Kushvanaikkiri achievement will be a good example to be followed by other Malaysian students in AISCH.


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