Farewell to Pn.Mano & family

Puan Manonmani Sekaran & family will be going back to Malaysia for good on 18 December 2009 hence the farewell ceremony cum pot luck was held last night at the residence of Encik Khaifil & Puan Azira.

The programme started at 8.15 pm with a short speech from Encik Anuar Kasman, the Consul General and the Patron of PERWAKILAN Chennai. In his speech Encik Anuar thanked Encik Sekaran, Puan Mano and the rest of the family members for their contributions and participations in all the activities held throughout the year. Encik Anuar had wished the family for their future success and hope that they will still keep in contact. A quote by Encik Anuar – “Welcoming a new Malaysian family and bidding farewell for another family are part and parcel of life in staying abroad”.  Before ending his speech, Encik Anuar had taken the opportunity to welcomed Encik Chris Tan and Puan Anita and not forgetting the family of Encik Saiful & Puan Madinah.  This was later followed by the gift prensentation by Encik Anuar on behalf of the PERWAKILAN ladies to Puan Mano.  Dinner which was served on pot luck basis was the last itinery that had ended the night.  

A big thank you from the PERWAKILAN Chennai ladies to Puan Mano on her contributions and participations all this while.  We wish you all the best and happiness with your family and your future and hope that all the memories shared will be cherished always.  SELAMAT JALAN. 





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