New Year Eve celebration by MASI

Last Thursday evening, 31 December 2009, which was also the eve of 2010, the MASI (Malaysian Association of South India) had organized a gathering amongst Malaysians in Chennai to welcome the new year. The function was held at the rooftop residence of Mejar Maniam and Madam Krishnaleela at the Riverdale Apartment, Harrington Road.

The program started around 9 pm and was opened with a welcoming speech from MASI’s Presiden, Mejar Maniam. This was then followed by few well co-ordinated and interesting games. All winners for each game received their gifts. The much awaited fire crackers which was next on the agenda, had scared few of the young ones, but as usual, amazed everyone.  The cake cutting ceremony came after the fire crackers and the fun evening was finally ended with a lucky draw.  

Heartiest congratulations and thank you to MASI for the great and fun evening. Happy New Year – 2010, may everyone have a prosperous year.


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