Chinese New Year celebration in Chennai

Our fellow member, Pn. Anita and hubby, En.Chris Tan had hosted a Chinese New Year celebration at Benzz Park Hotel, last Friday evening 19 February 2010.

The function with Malaysians in Chennai as the guest was started with dinner around 8 pm. This was then followed by array of perfomances starting from the kids up to the adults. There were dances, singings, sketches and catwalks filling up the room the whole evening. Everyone had a great enjoyable time and not forgetting the delicious food. Pn.Anita had also managed to brought us the traditional kuih bakul which reminded us …how we miss Malaysia, kuacis, kuih sepit and few festive biscuits which are a norm to be served back in our homeland.

We wish to thank Pn.Anita & En.Chris Tan for the great evening which is a memorable one for all of us. Gong Xi Fa Cai.


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