Trip to Marine Biology Regional Centre

The PERWAKILAN members and family together with a few HBS staff went for a visit to the Marine Biology Regional Centre which is located in Santhome High Road, Chennai yesterday.

The center is the premier institution with 16 regional centres involved in exploration of Indian fauna. This centre in Chennai is the only centre for Zoological Survey and engaged in the exploration of Marine fauna.

Our arrival was warmly welcome and started with a brief introduction of the Centre. A light snack was then served and the intresting tour came within minutes. The exciting tour on the ground floor, managed to captured the kids attention as there were about 12 tanks of marine life waiting to be viewed. The second floor houses all the sea shells, the preserved marine life and a big frame of a Sea Cow. The third floor which was the last one, houses all the preserved insects.

The trip was indeed a knowledgeable one and everyone especially the kids enjoyed watching the marine life. PERWAKILAN would like to thank the Consule General on his efforts in organizing the trip and also to the Marine Biology Regional Centre for their kindness and preparation of welcoming us.      


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