Cooking class @ The Cappuccino, Park Sheraton.

Last Thursday, 2nd December 2010, the Perwakilan ladies had a cooking class with Chef Harris and Chef Balpreet at the Capuccino Cafe, Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai.

The class began around 3.45 pm and ended aroun 6.30 pm. Four dishes were taught to the ladies i.e: Murgh Dum Biryani, Cauliflower Peratal, Alleypey Prawn Curry and Hing Dhaniya ke Chatpate Aloo. At the end of the session the ladies had the oppurtunity to taste the food. A small token was hand over to both chefs as a token of appreciation.  

Perwakilan ladies would like to thank the management of Park Sheraton for enabling the cooking class and to Tourism Malaysia for the souvenirs.


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