Perwakilan ladies morning coffee

A morning coffee hosted by Pn.Maryani Abd Majid for the four ladies namely Pn.Fariza, Pn.Thana, Pn. Madinah and our new friend Pn. Rozieta was held last Friday, 3rd December 2010. Friends and fellow colleagues from Malaysia and Singapore were among the guests.

Speech by Pn.Maryani was the first in the agenda, followed by speeches from the four ladies. Pn.Maryani handed over her gifts to the three ladies who will be leaving Chennai. Finally, as in our previous occassion, lavish food had been waiting for us on the table. The host had prepared Laksa Penang, chocolate cake, Cheese cake, fried Meehoon, roti jala and many more. The ladies also had brought along some delicacies with them.


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