Malaysian Family Day 2011

The Malaysian Family day organized by the Malaysian Consulate office was held last Saturday 29 January 2011 and 30 January 2011 at Zeenath Taj Garden, Yelagiri. This time it was a 2 days and 1 Night event which gave all the participants ample time to rest and relax while enjoying the fun.

The journey from Chennai started at 8.30 am with a convoy of 5 vehicles. We reached Yelagiri around 12.30 in the afternoon. Checked into our rooms and had lunch. All participants were then briefed on the programmes that had been scheduled for them for the two days.  

The first programme in the evening was kids games. They had musical chair, filling water in a bottle, ping pong ball and few other games. There was also a playground in the garden which managed to keep the kids occupied all the time. The event was later followed with dinner in the dining hall. After dinner, it was the adult turn for games. All the participants were divided into 2 groups and throughout the games they were racing with each other.

The second day began with a jogg along the path at the garden. We had Poco-poco after the jogg and was followed by breakfast. About an hour later, we had treasure hunt which was the final game. Everyone was thrilled and fun for the 2 consecutive days. Since there are still extra time, some of us went for a short trip to a lake nearby. Lunch was later served at 1.00pm. We checked out  around 2 pm and left straight to Chennai.

Heartiest thank you to the organizing committee and congratulations to them for a fantastic job. Thank you to all participants of the family day, you guys were great!.


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