Turtle Walk 2011

Last Saturday evening, 19 March 2011, the Malaysians in Chennai went for an activity called Turtle Walk. It was an activity of watching the turtles egg hatch. These turtles are known as Olive Ridley turtle and are under the care of a charitable trust name TREE Foundation.

The programme was held in Blue Beach Rd off East Coast Road,Neelangarai. It started around 8.30pm with a briefing on the handicapped turtles in the watertanks at the TREE Foundation building and followed by a video presentation on the turtles and the foundation.

Next we were brought to the hatcheries on the beach which was about 5 minutes drive from the main building. We walk on the beach to the hatcheries and saw the baby turtles emerged from the sand. Everyone were excited and thrilled especially the kids. We were given the oppurtunity to hold, carry and put the turtles on the beaches in order for them to swim back to the sea.

We would like to thank Dr.Supraja Dharini, founder and Chairperson of TREE Foundation together with her assistant Neelu for their co-operation and assistant throughout the activity.  


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